Year 4 Events

Narrative Writing – La Luna

We were inspired by the Disney Pixar short film – La Luna and wrote our own version of it. We thought about expanding the noun phrases, using personification and adding speech – there is no speech in the film. We hope you enjoy our writing as much as we did writing it!

Science Week 2024:

We had so much fun in Science week looking at Electricity. We explored 3 different science experiments and shared our own science experiment from home with Class 3. Enjoy the pictures.

Making an Electrical Game:

Making a Scribblebot:

Exploring if playdough conducts Electricity:

Science Experiments with Class 3:

Music – Brass Lessons

We are thoroughly enjoying our Brass lessons this term. We are so lucky to have Mrs Whitworth come in to teach us the different brass instruments. We are currently learning how to play different notes as well as read them. We each have a brass instrument to play, some have a hornet, a trumpet, a trombone, euphonium or a baritone.

School Trip:

We had a great time on our school trip. We visited the Tutankhamun Museum in Dorchester. This linked in with our History Topic of Ancient Egypt. Some of us found the mummies a little bit scary but we knew they were only replicas. It was amazing to see the replica of the Rosetta stone as we had learnt how this enabled historians to find out what hieroglyphics meant.

It was a glorious sunny day so we loved being able to eat our lunch outside in a local park. For some of us, that was our favourite part! We then went to visit a Roman House ruin as we learnt about the Romans last year and Dorchester has some ruins! The mosaic flooring was amazing!

Art – Canopic Jars

We had so much fun in Inspire making our canopic jars with our parents/grandparents/carers. It was a team effort! When the clay dried, we painted them. Look how fantastic they are:

Eurovision Day

Class 10 – France

What great effort everyone put in for their French outfits. We had typical French clothing, dressed in the French colours and French football kits! We had lots of fun! The best bit was getting to try some French food… pain au chocoat!


World Book Day:



Character Description:

On World Book Day, we did a character description on a character of our choice from the story ‘Once Upon a… fairytale’. We used similes as sentence openers.

Art – Pointillism

We used our Geography Topic of Earthquakes and Volcanoes to inspire us for our Art work. We used Georges Seurat’s technique of pointillism to create a volcano painting.


Look at our amazing volcanoes we made at home! We used all our knowledge we have learned in Geography to help us create an accurate volcano. We used our Art skills to create them with the help of our family. We then used our Science skills to help them erupt! What fun we had!

Computing – Newspapers

For our Computing Unit, we were writing for different audiences. We started off with a  lesson on font and how to change the font. We then became newspaper reporters. On Purple Mash we had different ways we could gather information: text messages, twitter posts, hospital reports etc. We made lots of notes and investigated our news stories in detail. We then created our Newspaper Report using Computing Skills. It was so much fun being Newspaper Reporters!

People and Place Day – Gandhi

For People and Place Day we we have been learning about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.  We learnt all about his philosophy of non-violent protests and how this inspired civil rights movements globally, including in the UK.  Children were asked to consider how Gandhi would have felt when faced with racism and why people chose to call him ‘Mahatma’ (meaning Great Soul).  We listed reasons why we thought Gandhi had so many followers in India.  We were shown one of Gandhi’s famous quotes, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.  We were then asked to draw pictures to demonstrate their understanding of this quote.  Finally, at the end of the day, we were asked to complete a fact-file on Gandhi to show what they had learnt about him during the course of the day.

Working Scientifically-Investigating Pitch

For our Homework, we made different instruments. We enjoyed showing the rest of the class our instruments. Once we had presented our instruments we then used them to investigate pitch. Firstly, we asked questions as to how the pitch would change in the different instruments. We then, investigated this before explaining our outcomes.

Sound – Telephone Transmission

As part of our Science unit on Sound, we looked at how sound transmit using a telephone. We worked in partners and used a normal speaking voice whilst standing far apart. We then compared this to using our telephones that we created using a cup and string. We realised it was louder when using the telephone. We found out this was because the sound waves can travel through a solid – the string.  Vibrating particles can travel better through solid than a gas -that was why we could hear our partner better using the telephone. We also had lots of fun making the telephones and experimenting with them!

Christmas Jumper Day 2023

Class 10


Our Christmas Production: Five Gold Rings

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Production of the ‘Five Gold Rings’. We loved performing it to you all. We are so proud of our performance – a lot of time and effort went into it. Thank you to everyone at home for organising costume and helping us with our lines. Here are some photos of us in our costume.

DT – linked with History:

We made some Anglo-Saxon bread. We thought about how the Saxons couldn’t just go to a supermarket like we can, to get bread. They needed to make it and only use ingredients they were able to grow themselves. We designed it first, then made it, tasted it and then evaluated it! We thought about what we could improve for next time.


In our Poetry unit, we looked at a book called ‘Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarline. This book had lots of different poems about animals and nature. We used The Otter poem as our model text and learnt and recited the poem.

We then used this inspiration and created our own animal poem using alliteration. We would love to share our poems with you.

Writing – The Way Back Home Narrative

We enjoyed writing our own version of The Way Back Home. Here are some photos of our published narratives.

Times Table Rockstar Day

We had a great day celebrating Times Table Rockstar Day. Everyone made such an effort with their outfits and were total rockstars! We enjoyed designing our own rockstar and guitar. We loved having a battle between Class 9 and 10  - this continued for our homework.


Science - States of Matter

Our Science unit is currently States of Matter. We have been learning about the different states of matter and what the particles look like for a solid, liquid and gas. We have also learnt about how States of Matter can change if the temperature changes. This is called melting and freezing. To see it in real life what it looks like when something changes state, we did a chocolate metling experiment! 

We loved the idea of melting chocolate in our lesson. We loved it even more when we got to try the melted chocolate at the end!

Year 3 

Class 8's Christmas Visitor!

As a special Christmas treat, Miss Thomas's dog Rosie came into school for the last day of term! The morning was filled with lots of fun, giggles and cuddles! Rosie definitely added a big dose of smiles to Class 8 today!

Stonehenge Trip!

To end the history part of our Stone Age topic, we were lucky enough to visit Stonehenge person! Part of our day was spent in the museum looking at the artefacts found at the site and those found at a similar site in Japan. This special part of the exhibition allowed us to see that it was something commonly built during that period of time across the world! We then went up to Stonehenge, walked all around the outside, identified some of the stones we have learnt about and had a go at drawing it!

The other part of our day was spent with the fantastic volunteers, who set up a carousel ofactivities for us to do. 

1) Remaking Stonehenge using magnetic boards to allow us to see what Stonehenge would have looked like when it was first built.

2) Looking at some Neolithic artefacts, such as, clothes and treasure.

3) Putting together a map to allow us to see how big the site actually is. 

4) Recreating a smaller version of the rollers to see how the stones were transported.

We then went outside for further activities. 

1) Creating 'rope' bracelets out of grass to allow us to see how Neolithic people made rope.

2) Looking at a typical Neolithic house, the tools they would have used in cooking and having a go at making flour (like Neolithic children would have).

3) Having a closer look at how the Stones were shaped to fit together. 

Wow! What a busy day for our first ever school trip! 

Biscuit Stonehenge

As part of our history topic The Stone Age, we have looked deeply into Stonehenge. To help bring our learning to life, and add in a little problem solving, we were tasked with making Stonehenge out of biscuits. We had to think about: the layout, how to balance the biscuits and communication. It was so much fun! 

RE - Creation Story

During our first RE unit, we have been looking at the Creation Story particularly the instructions God gave humans. To help us understand the importance of these, we had a go at trying to get around the classroom with our eyes closed. We found this hard. Then, our partners helped guide us by giving us instructions. This allowed us to see the importance of God's instructions to make his Creation a success. 

Year 2

Ice lollies to cool down

This week we have experienced a heat wave! Sadly, in Year 2, we had to cancel our school trip due to the extremely hot weather. Therefore, as a treat, we enjoyed a cold ice lolly to help us cool down! 



Science Week

We loved sharing our Science Experiments with the rest of the class and our partnered class – Class 14! We had so many different experiments which we learnt so much from! It was also so much fun!

Spirituality Day

This Spirituality Day we learnt about how Christianity is followed all over the world and not just in the UK. Each class had a country that they found out about and how they follow Christianity. In Year 2 we had to pick a country from the continent of South America. Class 5 did Argentina and Class 6 did Brazil.

At our special Worship called Agape in the afternoon. We had to share something with the rest of the school about our country. As a year group, we sang the song ‘We are marching in the light of God’. The first verse was in English, the second was in Spanish (Class 5 – Argentina) and the third verse was in Portuguese (Class 6 – Brazil). This represented how in these countries they enjoy singing Hymns also to show their love of God.


Maths – Measuring in metres

We used metre sticks to draw different lengths on the playground.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

In Year 2 we loved celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. We found out so much about the Queen and loved doing many patriotic activities. We loved wearing our party hats all day.

Here is a picture of the work we shared with the whole school during our special Jubilee Worship. We all decorated a piece and put it together to make a large, outstanding picture!


Community time

At Holy Trinity, we have community time twice a half term. We learn about the British Values and how we are all different (diversity).

This half term, our Diversity theme has been all about cultures. We have been extremely lucky and we welcomed two guests to school to tell us all about their culture in India. We learned about the food that they eat, what they wear and the animals that live wild in India! We then learned some traditional Indian dances and we learned how to create Rangoli patterns. We learned that Rangoli patterns are very special patterns that they make to put outside and inside their house.

We learned a great deal and we appreciate our guests coming in to teach us for the afternoon!

JAM (Jesus and Me) club

JAM club read the story of the prodigal son and learned that the father represents God our Father. We painted pictures thinking about how God is Love and He made the whole world.


Planting Sunflowers

We have just started our Science Topic on Plants. As part of our learning, we are observing how pants grow. The best way to do this is to grow some plants. Today, in our learning partners, we have planted sunflower seeds. They are currently in our windows (acting like a Green house) and when the time is right, we will move them outside.

We will look forward to update you on our Plant’s progress.

Class 5:

Class 6:

Testing our Bridges


This week we tested out our bridges! This linked in with both our DT and Science learning where we have been looking at Materials. The children all did a fantastic job and were amazed by everyone’s bridges.

The children enjoyed experimenting with their bridges and we used weights to test how much weight their bridge could take. We were shocked at how many bridges could take all the weights we had (8kg) and even the whole weight of the child!

Class 5

Class 6

Burundi Fundraising

For our Spirituality day last half term, we learned all about the country Burundi. Did you know Burundi is the poorest and hungriest country in the world! We learned about a charity called ‘Glo’ founded by Simon Guillebaud. Simon visited our school back in 2020 where he showed us pictures and videos of his time in Burundi. The charity ‘Glo’ raise money to then build houses, schools and water wells. During our Spirituality Day, we thought about how we could as a Year group raise money for this charity.

The children of Year 2 came up with a fantastic idea to raise money – a sponsored triathlon! We thought about activities we could do that would be hard work but enjoyable! We came up with skipping, running, throwing and catching a tennis ball, bouncing a basketball and star jumping. The children created a poster with their 3 chosen activities and asked friends and family to sponsor them.

We had so much fun taking part in our sponsored triathlon. We are so incredibly proud of our Year 2 children. They have gone above and beyond to help the people who live in Burundi. 

We are very proud to say that as a year group alone, we have raised a whopping £1,116.98! Well done to everyone!

Please see below a link to our video of the children completing the children!

Guinea Pigs

This week it was Class 5’s turn to look after our school guinea pigs! We were very excited to have this responsibility each day. Each morning and lunch time, Mrs Millichip took us down a group at a time. We had a list of jobs that we had to do each day. We needed to feed them each morning, refill their water bottle and hay sack and of course, give them lots of cuddles!

 Extreme Reading Homework

We enjoyed doing some extreme reading for our Homework. Look at all the difference places we like to read.

Class 5

Class 6

World Book Day

As always, we have loved celebrating World Book Day in Year 2. We loved seeing everyone’s costumes which were so diverse. We had students from Hogwarts, aliens with underpants, Alice’s being lost in Wonderland and cats in hats!

The children did lots of World Book Day activities including: Thinking about different places we can read, designing front covers for a book, word searches and creating our own Book Marks! We will look forward to using them.

Class 5

Class 6

Identity Club

In Year 2, we thoroughly enjoy our identity club sessions! Each time, we come up with exciting activities we could do in school. We then do a whole class vote and the two winning options are the options we can choose to do. Voting is important as it shows one of our British Values, democracy. 

This week our winning options were biscuit icing and playground equipment. We had a great afternoon doing the activity that we chose! 


In Community time this half term we are learning about our appearances. In particular, we discussed how we share similarities and differences in the way that we look. We noticed that we may have different eye colours, hair colours, freckles or skin tones. We discussed how a few of us wear glasses yet they are different shapes or styles.

Last Friday we looked in to a mirror to think about our own appearance. We thought very carefully about what colours our eyes, skin and hair colour are. We then painted our own self-portrait and they look amazing! Look how different we all are!

Papaya Food Tasting

In Year 2, we are learning to recite the story ‘The Papaya that Spoke’. At first, not everyone knew what a papaya was, we looked at pictures but the best way to find out what a papaya was.... is to see it in real life and try it! We enjoyed seeing what it looks like and how it looks different on the outside to the inside.


We all tried a piece. Comments after the papaya food tasting:

“It tastes like watermelon,”

“At first I licked it and I didn’t like it but then I put it all my mouth and it was nice,”

“It was yummy,”

“I didn’t like it,”

“It looks like a mango,”


We are still learning to recite the story and adding actions to it but we are hoping that soon we will be able to perform the story!

PE with Lewis Winters

In Class 5, we are incredibly lucky to have Lewis Winters joining us on a Wednesday Afternoon teaching us our outdoor PE. Today was our first session with Lewis and we thoroughly enjoyed playing lots of team games. 

This week, we thoroughly enjoyed playing team games with Lewis. This week we focused on balance. First we had to work in pairs to balance a hula hoop between us. Then, we had floats and we had to work in groups of 3 or 4 to balance different sized balls on the two floats. Lewis then gave us a challenge of working with two groups and four floats! We did very well working as a team. 

Identity Club

In Class 6, we have enjoyed partaking in Identity Club since September. We have partook in several different activities such as : play dough, Lego, and colouring. As a class, we think of a few suggestions as to what we could have as Identity Club that week and then we take a class vote to decide the two options. This is an example of democracy within our class. Democracy is one of our British Values. One of the weeks, we chose baking and football. It is so good to have time to explore our identity and do things we enjoy doing!

In Class 5, we chose different activities as a class. As a class we chose; arts and crafts, painting, Tom's track and water painting. We then took part in a Class vote to decide the two options for this week! The two winning options this week were.... water painting and arts and crafts! We had a great afternoon! 

Sprituality Day - Let Your Light Shine

In the first week of the Spring Term, we held our first Spirituality Day of the academic year. The focus of the day was ‘Let Your Light Shine!’. For this we thought about how we all have different talents which is a gift from God. Our talents our God given gifts. We explored what we thought our talents were.

We then thought about how we could become our best self and thought about two new year’s resolutions we could have this year. We then celebrated our God given gifts and New Years Resolutions through a piece of ‘Let Your Light Shine’ Art work.

We are very proud of our talents and we thrive to be our best self everyday!

Christmas festivities 

Gingerbread Men

We had lots of fun making our Gingerbread men and then decorating them. After all, it is the season!


We had lots of fun learning about Christingle and making our own Christingle!

Class 6 Christmas Jumper Day:


In Class 5 we have been enjoying Christmas activities!

Christmas party

Today we have enjoyed our Class Christmas party! We played musical chairs, musical corners and had a disco! We made party hats in the day to wear to our Chrismtas party! 


Christmas Jumper day

Last Friday, the whole school took part in Christmas Jumper day. We had a brilliant day and we looked amazing in our Christmas jumpers! We were surprised with an ice cream van and we all lined up and then enjoyed an ice cream! At the end of the day, we had a VERY special visitor walk in to Class 5 - Father Christmas! He gave us all an early Christmas present!


We had lots of fun learning about what a Christingle is and what each part represents. We learned that the orange represents the world, the candle represents Jesus as the light of the world, the four sticks with sweets represents the four seasons and the red tape represents Jesus' blood and God's love for us. 

We had great fun making a Christingle each! 

Christmas decorations

The children all made a Christmas decoration at home as part of their homework and they were amazing! We hung them up in our classroom for all to see. Some of the decorations went on the tree if they were too heavy to be hung up on the string. Each child in Class 5 helped to decorate our tree and we each chose a bauble to put on our Class tree. 


Christmas art

At Holy Trinity, each year group explored Christmas in another country. We chose Denmark and we made our own Christmas gonks and they look incredible! 



Preparing for Christmas

In Class 6 we have been preparing for Christmas.


We all made a Christmas Decoration at home and these helped decorate our classroom! We all helped to decorate the tree and all put a bauble on the tree. We made some paper chains to help make a paper Christmas tree as well as making Christmas Wreath using our hands!


We have an Advent candle which we light each day to help us countdown to Christmas.


We looked at Christmas in Denmark and how they have Gonks to help decorate their house. We made our own Gonks for our Art Frames. Each year group did a different country.


We are looking forward to the Christmas events coming our way!

Bonfire Night

We have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot in our History lessons this term so it only felt right to celebrate the day it self! We have found out why we celebrate Bonfire Night the way we do and how this links in with our History learning. Since the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, James I wanted us to remember Bonfire night to remind people not to plot against him. If the Gunpowder Plot had succeeded, the Houses of Parliament would have been blown up and made many colours in the sky – like fireworks.


We watched a firework display video and created out own Firework pictures. We then enjoyed Hot Chocolate and edible sprinklers outside! We loved it! Some of us had hot chocolate all round our mouth!

Class 5


English - Writing Recipes

To help plan our Recipes we found out how to make cheese salad wraps. It was important to know how to make the wraps as then we could explain better in our recipe. We were able to explain in detail, for each step what we needed to do.

We all had a wrap; we picked what we wanted out of: cheese, lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise.


The best bit was the food testing after!

Class 6

Class 5

Guinea Pigs - Class 6

In Class 6 we were really lucky as we were one of the first classes to look after the Guinea Pigs. Although we were really excited about this, it also came with a lot of responsibility.


A group at a time, we made sure that in the morning (weather depending) we got the Guinea Pigs out of their indoor home and put them outside. We also had to ensure that they had fresh water each day and some yummy fruit and vegetables. We had to make sure that their home was nice and clean.


The best bit was.... all the cuddles!

Guinea Pigs - Class 5

We were really lucky to be the first class at Holy Trinity to be in charge of the Guinea Pigs! Each day, a group of us went down to make sure they had something to eat and had some fresh water to drink. On Friday afternoon, we all went down to enjoy some cuddles using the special blankets Mr Beauford had bought us so we could all hold them. 

RE - Islam 

Class 6

This half term we have been learning about a new religion. We have learning about Islam. We have discussed how we at Holy Trinity are a Christian school but in both this country and the world there are other religions that people worship.

We have enjoyed learning about the different rules they have and looking at their holy book – the Qu’ran. We learnt how they always wash their hands before touching their holy book. We looked at how the book is written in Arabic and the one we had was translated in English.

We loved seeing the Qu’ran in real life!


One Run Event:

In Class 5, we enjoyed taking part in the 'One Run Event'. We watched the video that explained that people from all over the world were taking part in an exercise that afternoon on the same day at the same time. We enjoyed playing stuck in the mud and running around Tom's Track. 

Tag Ruby:

The whole school was really lucky to have some external visitors come in and do a Tag Rugby session with us. We really enjoyed having our Tag Rugby session. We were in different colour teams and each colour team had a go and taking peoples tags off when they had to run from one end to the other whilst carrying a rugby ball. We had to try and dodge each other whilst running from one side to the other!

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